As adults we all recognize the differences between men and women.  I’m sure you’ve heard of or read the book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”  It clearly points out the ways that the sexes are different other than just physically.

Because of the differences men must always be aware that women need more than just the physical side of a relationship.  And with that in mind, let’s explore some things that she’ll love to hear and get from her man.


Compliments are like frosting on a cake.  If they are to “slick” then they slide right off.  Too “thick” and they could make someone sick.  But of course cake without frosting is pretty boring so you must take care to add just the right amount.  A sincere compliment makes a woman feel loved and appreciated but if they’re perceived to be insincere it can also make them feel like you’re only saying things based on a hidden agenda.

Let’s take a closer look at what a woman wants and needs from the woman’s perspective and ask the question “what differentiates a good compliment from a bad one?”


Women need to know that they can trust the man they are with.  They enjoy hearing compliments that are clear and specific and that they are from the heart.  Hearing one sincere compliment is far more important and reassuring than hearing ten that are not.  Saying something to her just because you think you should or that it is what she wants to hear can totally discredit and devalue a relationship.  If you’re going to give a compliment then make it one you’ve thought about and believe is true.  Don’t devalue your relationship with phony compliments.


Don’t be vague.  Add some sugar to the mix by including with your compliment a couple of details that add value to it.  Don’t just say “that dress looks nice on you.”  Say instead “that dress looks nice on you. That color really brings out the color of your eyes and it makes you look sexy.”  Which one do you believe will make her feel more appreciated and loved?


You don’t have to hand out compliments like you would a business card… all the time and to everyone you meet.  But, you do need to hand them out often enough that your wife feels appreciated and loved.  More is better when it comes from the heart.  Less is better if you’re just trying to make her feel “good” as opposed to “loved.”

Well, that’s enough for this time.  I have more and I’ll share them with you soon.  But, until then, compliment your wife today.  It gives the old Southern saying “give me some sugar” a whole new meaning now doesn’t it?